We use 15 oz. blockout vinyl (no light passes through to obscure your image).

We then weld the hems (stronger than tape) and use heavy nickel plated grommets.

This provides you with a stronger, weatherproof banner.

We do this for about the same price you'd pay for cheap, 13 oz. scrim vinyl.

Senior Banners:

48" x 72" - $99 (includes photography, clipping & design work)

36" x 54" - $89 (includes photography, clipping & design work)

32" x 48" - $79 (includes photography, clipping & design work)

24" x 36" - $40 (includes photography, existing background & caption)

*Banners will be custom sized (give or take) to fit your hanging location.

Group Composite Banners:

Custom sized - $4 per square foot + $10 for each individual in the composite.

*Includes photography and design work.

Team Banners:

Custom sized - $4 per square foot.

*Add $20 to the cost if the team will be clipped and inserted on a graphic design or if a schedule or roster is incorporated in the design.

Display Banners:

Custom sized - $4 per square foot.

Sponsor Banners:

Custom sized - $4 per square foot. *You will need to provide an image or artwork.

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